SCM Solutions GmbH

SCMo - Supply Chain Planning and Monitoring

The SCMo solution suite is an IT system that defines a new generation of Lean ERP. "Lean" because it works with rough data instead of comprehensive data as in standard ERP systems. It is not necessary to define very detailed data upfront to an ERP roll-out, thus shortening the implementation cycle dramatically.

SCMo (short of Supply Chain Planning and Monitoring) was initially developed by SCM Solutions to communicate demand and supply in real-time between manufacturers and their suppliers in multi-level supply chains to avoid supply shortages and to signal potential supply bottlenecks.

Now SCMo provides enhanced functionalities that excellently fit to companies that want to be lean in all parts of their business, including IT systems for production planning and monitoring. Independent of their size.

SCMo provides all "ERP" features to support discrete manufacturing business: BOM/ECN, Inventory Control, Purchasing, Production Costing and of course Production Planning and Monitoring.

SCMo offers a 3 layer server based architecture and is developed to work with Microsoft .NET internet technology, thus providing a very light and user friendly browser interface (Ultra Thin Client).

Comprehensive production functionalities support the most important and efficient production management methods like Lean (pull planning, kanban, visualization, bar-coding, poka-yoke data input, one-piece-flow etc.), TOC (drum-buffer-rope planning) and Supply Chain Management.

There are two versions of SCMo currently available:
  • SCMo 2A for Automotive and similar assembly processes (JIT, SMI/VMI)
  • SCMo 2A&D for Aerospace and Defense manufacturers

A special edition of SCMo is available for CIS countries, jointly developed with Rightstep LLC company.

References of successful SCMo customers are: