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Rightstep LLC is a partner of SCM Solutions GmbH, distributor and joint developer of the lean-ERP version of SCMo (Supply Chain Monitoring) for CIS countries.

As a professional consulting company Rightstep helps manufacturers to increase efficiency of their production business by providing advanced planning, shop-floor control and monitoring, and fast reaction to internal and external changes.

For every company Rightstep works for, Rightstep helps implementing custom and inimitable systems, combining comprehensive Lean-ERP solutions (SCMo) with modern management methods such as Lean, TOC, SCM/APS and 6σ.

Rightstep's customers are Russian companies including world known ones like: NAPO (V.P. Chkalov Novosibirsk Aircraft Production Association – part of Sukhoi Company), KVZ (Kazan Helicopter Plant), Zvezda and others.