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Our Customer NAPO

NAPO (V.P. Chkalov Novosibirsk Aircraft Production Association – part of Sukhoi aircraft holding company) is Russia's major aircraft production enterprise. The association has manufactured about 29,000 airplanes of various types. The focus of NAPO activities is the production of military/civil aircrafts and repair, upgrading and after sales support. Current main projects are:

  • production of Su-32 fighter-bomber
  • repair and upgrading of frontline Su-24 bomber
  • series production of Sukhoi Superjet 100, new middle-range aircraft
  • development to produce fifth-generation combat aircraft
NAPO started the Supply Chain Monitoring implementation in 2008. One of the project specifics was that the SCMo implementation went in parallel with a Lean transformation project conducted by NAPO. To support this, SCMo was configured to fully support lean operational practices. Year end of 2009, SCMo successfully went life. Now SCMo is used to support the following NAPO business tasks:
  • internal supply chain planning, from sales to purchasing
  • final assembly shop planning, scheduling and monitoring
  • planning, scheduling and shop floor controlling for blanking, electroplating/coating and mechanical shops
  • procurement and purchasing management
  • monitoring and analysis of all production activities
The implementation project was conducted by SCM Solutions' partner in Russia: Rightstep LLC consulting company.